Saint Lifestyle Institute

In today’s complex and competitive global economy, one’s success is no longer guaranteed ONLY by the levels of educational achievement, but also by the ‘advance lifestyle codes’ they attain. SAINT INTERNATIONAL (JAMAICA) LIMITED has evolved as the Caribbean’s #1 model management company by employing a precise and proven group of ‘lifestyle codes’ that transform these once-shy (new models) youngsters into dynamic and inspirational international success stories. For the first time, SAINT INTERNATIONAL CEO Deiwght Peters will make available to the public, a series of workshops based on the proven ‘Codes of success’ that have brought international acclaim to his models. For the senior managers, business owner, socialite, executive eyeing a promotion, Government officers, university graduate, the soon-to-be high school graduate or the customer service representative, the lawyer, teacher or soldier-the program suits you. Call it a finishing school, a grooming program or a lifestyle transformational experience-this one-of-a-kind, integrated and comprehensive program is designed with your professional ambitions and life dreams in mind. You will be impressed by the best course facilitators, the most intensive and comprehensive lifestyle courses. Hope to share the elements of this remarkable, life-changing program with you. Here are some helpful hints for you to BECOME THE BEST YOU!

Deiwght Peters
Managing Director

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